Ytsara is a mindful natural and pure organic skincare with a holistic approach combining the best of beauty from Asia and Europe skin care and spa therapies use the purest and most potent ingredients to nurture your skin

It all started when French born Florence Jaffre travelled through South East Asia following the footsteps of her great great-uncle Albert. She recoverd the wisdom infused in the wellbeing of the local people as it had been described. This in short was her inspiration in 2001 to found Ytsara – meaning freedom in ancient Thai language.

Determined to harness all this Asian healing goodness in conjunction with modern French cosmetic science, Ytsara is caring with three skin care lines for naturally beautiful skin and a graceful inner balance. Nowadays YTSARA is partnering with more than 200 Spas around the globe.




Ytsara creates and manufactures its 100 percent natural skin care mindfully with ethically sourced ingredients to environmental management standards. The health and wellbeing of body and environment is vital to Ytsara thus all zero-risk ingredients are sourced in nature, grown in unspoiled environments, cruelty-free and free of animal derivatives. Ytsara skin products are clinically proven.



YTSARA’s facial routine is far more than simply cleanse, tone and moisturize. Beneficial morning and evening rituals help nourish and smooth complexions, keeping the effects of aging at bay.

YTSARA face skin care I based on three ranges:

PROTECT strengthens the skin's natural defenses and minimizes the effects caused by sun, pollution and stress.

BOOST supports the skin cellular activity and repairing functions for example in case of damages or signs of aging.

NURTURE maintains the skins beauty and vibrancy deeply moisturizing the skin and restoring its natural balance.


Smooth, soft skin begins with purest botanical ingredients. These extracts keep the skin moisturized, while essential oils uplift the mind and spirit, resulting in a holistic combination that promote well-being. From shower gels to post-wash care like body lotion and body oil, the Bath & Body products will ensure soft, hydrated, and glowing skin — regardless of age and gender.



Pampering and indulgence is at the core of YTSARA spa treatments as they combine the best from East and West.

Most potent natural skin care combined with unique massage sequences result in power boosting facials achieving dramatic and visible results. All body spa-therapies begin with a gentle Thai style stretching to soothe away tensions and to prepare you to enjoy the healing power of touch. Then discover exquisite herbal blends and poultices, gently scented pure essential oils.



100% natural beauty - 100% reliably informed.

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