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A breackthrough luxury anti-ageing formula for creme and spa treatment inspired by nature's intelligence
Sodashi launches SAMADARA™ Ultimate Age-Defying Crème in Paris



Sodashi introduced Samadara™ Ultimate Age-Defying Crème at the legendary Paris Hotel Four Seasons George V. It is Sodashi’s most powerful anti-ageing treatment to transform and reawaken the skin. Five years in the making, this unique alchemy of pure plant ingredients and rose quartz crystal water promotes the skin’s own natural healing abilities from within, delivering exceptional results.


Created by Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen to rival the most luxurious anti-ageing formulations, this crème dramatically boosts skin cell renewal to tone and smooth the skin. Restorative and antioxidant rich plant oils Centella, Everlasting, Rose and Rosehip deeply nourish and protect the skin whilst the vibrational properties of rose quartz crystal water alleviate stressors from the body that cause cellular ageing.


The Samadara™ Ultimate Age-Defying Crème comes with a pair of Rose Quartz Crystals to massage the treatment into the skin using the Samadara™ Facial Massage technique. A sequence of timeless anti-ageing movements founded in Ayurvedic healing, the massage stimulates energy pathways in the face to restore muscle tone, diminish fine lines and assist deeper penetration of the crème to deliver maximum benefit.


With a recommended retail price of 480 Euro, Samadara™ Ultimate Age-Defying Crème (50ml) is available online or at appointed Sodashi stockists like The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris.


There you can also experience the Samadara™ Ultimate Age-Defying Facial (100 minutes 425 Euro) using a sequence of timeless, anti-aging techniques rooted in Ayurvedic healing traditions that are designed to reawaken the skin’s natural healing energies. Turn back the hands of time and transform your skin with this intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment to increase firmness and elasticity, diminish the appearance of fine lines and restore a youthful glow. A Rose Quartz Crystal facial massage enables the powerful Samadara™ Ultimate Age-Defying Crème to penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum benefit. Book the treatment by sending a mail to

spa.par(at)fourseasons.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




YTSARA was nominated for the Spa Diamond Awards in 2011 and 2012



YTSARA’s Lift Recovery Serum in 2011 and Relaxing Body Oil in 2012 were nominated for Spa Diamond Award as best beauty natural cosmetics. Since 2004, German Spa Guide and Spa Highlights magazine awards the Spa Diamond in recognition for brilliant performance in the areas of spa, wellness and beauty.



Social Media
Discover Sodashi videos on YouTube



"I am so exited about Paris. It is the most beautiful city in the world," says Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen. Visit YouTube's new "Discover Sodashi" channel, which provides great suggestions for caring for your skin, including Megan's Paris spa and restaurant tip. Sodashi created a range of YouTube clips that enlighten,


inspire and inform viewers about the company, the efficacy of the products and treatments, and the importance of chemical-free products. The clips also feature a personal glimpse of Megan Larsen: "A day in the life of," where the Sodashi founder travels to her favorite Parisian destination. Please enjoy discovering Sodashi at YouTube – Discover Sodashi Channel.



Spa Villa Dubrovnik Luxury Seaside Home and Sodashi Spa
"I would have really loved to stay forever"



Surrounded by garden full of bougainvillea and oleander, award winning elegant five star boutique hotel Villa Dubrovnik sits perched on the cliffs of the Croatian coast line. Each of its 56 rooms and suits enjoys the most stunning views across the crystal blue-turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, Lokrum Island and the Old City of Dubrovnik.


Travel in style to this unique UNESCO World Heritage by the hotel's complimentary Venetian vapretto. Or for relaxation take advantage of hotel's private beach and pamper yourself at the welldesigned two story spa centre, since April 2012 using Sodashi natural skin care. "As a spa highlight we offer the 105 minutes, luxurious Samadara facial treatment with a massage using warm rose quartz crystals. It is our most powerful age-defying treatment to transform and reawaken the skin," explains the spa manager while showing around the chic Villa Spa.


Playwriter George Bernhard Shaw once said: "Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik." Nowadays he would add: "And you should certainly stay at the Villa Dubrovnik".



Ytsara – the Essence of Asia
Florence, what makes your skin care so powerful?



Sacred lotus deeply hydrates our skin. Rainforest clove eases our muscles. Blue ginger refills life force in our bodies. Just some examples of what Asia’s amazing garden has to offer to the ones who know how to look into it. One who does intensively is Florence Jaffre from Ytsara, a skin care brand she created.  Asia Spa magazine recently interviewed her: French native, from a family of  biologists, Florence has lived in Thailand for the past 13 years. Attracted by the region’s traditions, philosophy of life and nature she has decided to share this richness with others. 


"Everything grows here without too much human help. The plants have strong concentrations of vitamins and minerals, and the tropical weather feeds them with vibrant energy". Ytsara products embody Florence's love to the East. "We have re-visited the traditions and translated them into contemporary products and treatments. The essential oils we use in our aromatherapy products transport you to Asia, and many of our active ingredients come from botanical materials we can eat or infuse our skin with, for amazing results – very much in the same way Asian people use the plants." There are many Spas around Europe, where you can experience Ytsara.




Ytsara debuts at Swiss Hotel Seerose Resort & Spa, Meisterschwanden
Thailand is just around your corner



Felix Suhner, proprietor of the Seerose Hotel Resort & Spa, has been travelling to Southeast Asia for many years. He always returned being impressed by the countries' richness and its people. His guests may now experience the magic of Thailand right around their corner at Hallwiler See (Lake Hallwil), located approximately one our drive from Zurich airport. The hotelier has expanded the resort by the "Cocon"-Wing with 30 new exclusive junior suites and two grand suites, a restaurant and the Cocon Thai Spa. The concept harmoniously blends Western and Eastern culture.


The Cocon Thai Spa pampers its guests with the luxurious, plant derived spa products from Ytsara, Bangkok while the mainly Thai therapists delight with their warmth and their techniques. That's how Thai hospitality, the ancient wisdom of the balance of the four elements combined with modern design, create a unique spa experience of sensuality and relaxation. We recommend you to visit



Sodashi debuts at the new Jumeirah Frankfurt
Exclusively in Germany SAMADARA Ultimate Age Defying Concept



Dubai's Burj Al Arab is considered to be the world's most luxurious hotel. Its little sister, Jumeirah Frankfurt, just opened its doors. The 218-room five-star-deluxe hotel is situated in the heart of the German city in close vicinity to the business district, the old opera and lively shopping streets. On the fourth floor of the hotel you will find Jumeirah's signature “Talise Spa”. The 400 sqm urban retreat spa
features a total of seven treatment rooms including a couple treatment room, a Thai yoga room, a separate manicure and pedicure area and two saunas.


Its design has an European flavor, incorporating walnut woods and bright marble. The spa exclusively uses the 100% natural and most effective skin care from Sodashi. The treatments reflect the synergy of Eastern and Western spa rituals. Exclusively in Germany you can experience the 100 minute SAMADARA ultimate age defying facial. Samadara is Sodashi's most powerful anti-aging facial. This treatment very effectively combats fine lines and the signs of aging.


"At Talise, we aim to create an environment where guests can leave all their worries and stressors behind and truly indulge and relax," says Talise Spa Manager Beatrice Kirchner. "Core to this philosophy is our aim to offer more than just superficial treatments and give both inhouse guests, but also guests from Frankfurt and its surrounding area a venue where they can explore all their health concerns in a supportive and luxurious environment.” Beatrice and her team invite you to enjoy the new spa and are looking forward to welcoming you. Please contact the spa at +49 69 297 237 450.



Samadara Eye Crème wins Australian Popsugar Award 2013
Australians voted for Samadara Eye Crème as best Skin Care Product 2013



Sodashi’s Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Eye Crème has been named Best Eye Product in the POPSUGAR Australia Beauty Awards 2013. This super anti-ageing treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes was also the Editor’s Pick.  “I use eye cream morning and night, and Sodashi’s Samadara Eye Crème one is a firm (pardon the pun) favourite. The regime includes using Rose Quartz Crystals to apply the product, which I find gives a more lifted result," says Alison Larson, POPSUGAR Australia health and beauty editor.


POPSUGAR Celebrity is Australias leading women’s lifestyle media. The goal of the POPSUGAR Beauty Awards is to provide a list of winners that can be beauty product guide of what's good, what works and what to spend cash on - just like Samadara Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Eye Crème, 15 ml, two Rose Quartz Crystals donuts, 355 Euro.



New arrival from Sodashi
Seven new pure plant essence blends with therapeutic grade are specially formulated to support the body‘s major chakras for inner harmony and joy in life



Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel. Chakras are centres of life force or vital energy. They are located along the spine at the major hubs of the human nervous system. They influence life, health, mind and body. By removing blockages from the chakras we remove blockages from our lives.

A great way to improve your health and wellbeing is through chakra balancing. The use of essential oils is one way to achieve this balance. Transform the way you feel with Sodashi Chakra Balance Oils - seven pure plant essence blends with therapeutic grade specially formulated to support the body‘s major chakras.

Regular use of Chakra Balance Oils will boost vitality and help to increases physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Apply daily to chakra points on the body or feet as required.

Chakra Balance 1 – Root (Muladhada) - Survial
Chakra Balance 2 – Sacral (Svadishana) - Sexuality
Chakra Balance 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) - Power
Chakra Balance 4 – Heart (Anahata) - Love
Chakra Balance 5 – Kehlchakra (Visuddha) - Communication
Chakra Balance 6 – Stirnchakra (Ajna) - Intuition


Sodashi Chakra Balance Oil Kit including all seven oils (each 10 ml) and instruction booklet, 420 Euro.










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