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5 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Your skin will love it and you too.

1st step - Cleanser


Shake well before use. Use a damp cotton pad or your finger tips and gently wipe over the eye and lip area to loosen the make-up. Remove with damped cotton pads


Shake well before use. Emulsify a small amount (size of a hazelnut) with water in your palm and massage over face and neck. Remove using a damp, soft face towel or rinse with water. Avoid the eye area.

2nd step - exfoliation with Concentrate

After cleansing add 10 drops in a basin containing about 1.5 L of very warm water. Immerse a soft cloth, squeeze out excess and compress onto the face and neck. You can also remove the cleanser with the compresses. Repeat 3-4 times. Best results will be gained by daily use in the morning and evening.

3rd step – hydration with Face Mist

Shake well before use. Close eyes and spray mist over a thoroughly cleansed face. Also use throughout the day to keep the skin feeling fresh.

4th step –leave on gel masks: Eye Lifting Gel and Skin Booster


Morning and evening apply to entire eye area, leave to firm and then followed by Sodashi eye & lip smoother. Before use, shake well and then tap base of bottle firmly on the pall of your hand to ensure the product dispenses evenly.


Before use, shake well and then tap base of bottle firmly on the palm of your hand to ensure the product dispenses evenly. Apply to the face and neck, leave to firm and tone, then follow with a Sodashi Moisturiser.

5th step – nourish with eye & lip smoother and moisturiser


Apply sparingly, morning and evening under eyes and over the brow bone. Also apply on and around the lips.


Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area, both morning and evening.


Eye Care
Right for your eyes!

Beautiful radiant eyes - who would not like to have them? Eyes contribute so tremendously to our overall appearance. And sometimes they are decisive if we please or attract somebody. Good reason why our eyes deserve great attention, then. And eye care is so simple, delivering quick results in a short time.

Beautiful eyes are marvelous - and sensitive too. The skin around the eyes measures only 0.5 millimetres and is up to five times thinner than the remaining face skin. The connective tissue of the eye area is quite loose,which can contribute to water retention and puffy eyes. As subcutaneous fat tissue is missing, the skin is inclined to dehydration and small wrinkles. And computer work, air conditioning or other environmental influences all stress the eye tissue.

However, the other part of the story is that our eyes deliver an exceptional performance every day. We blink up to 20,000 times per day, keeping the 22 muscles of the eye area in constant action. Over the years, wrinkles from dehydration and dark circles may become visible. Fluid may collect; the skin's elasticity can diminish.

What can we do to help turn back the clock? Apart from regular exercise, vitamin-rich nutrition and an adequate amount of sleep, the right skin care is so important. Only use gentle products for cleansing and removing the make-up. And remember how tender this skin area is. Never rub. Use special eye care products to calm, nourish and strengthen this delicate part of your face. Spoil your eyes with a mask once a week.

If you want to do something good for yourself, I recommend an acupressure massage of your head and around the eyes. Five minutes daily creates great results. And, finally, the correct make-up will make your eyes shine.

Summer skin care
Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen reveals her personal summer skin care tips

Here are my very special summer skin care tips:

1. Use a face mask once or twice a week to give skin extra nourishment.

2. Invest in a facial every four to six weeks and meanwhile make sure your skin care regime is suited to your skin type as your skin’s needs might change over time and from season to season.

3. Cool and hydrate sun-exposed skin with Sodashi’s After Sun Cooling Mist.”

Foot care
Treat your feet after a day of hiking

Autumn is best time for hiking in Europe. If you savour the nature with your feet, remember that they have to withstand particular stresses when hiking. Try this very special treatment to delight your soul and your soles.

In a bowl of warm water blend ten drops of Sodashi’s Balancing Concentrate with a tablespoon of Sodashi Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant. Soak feet for ten minutes while being enveloped in the beautiful aromas of pure plant essences. Remove feet from the aromatic soak and pat dry. Then generously moisturize your feet and legs with Sodashi’s Mint Soother Foot Treatment, which boosts circulation and cools tired, aching feet and legs. Finally, slip your feet into good quality woolen socks for 20 minutes and relax with a soothing herbal tea. For particularly dry skin, apply a layer of Sodashi body butter over the top to complete your treatment; choose from Vanilla or Floral Body Butter. Your feet will love you forever!

Facial skin care
Marvellously radiant How does she do it? We posed this question to Verena Lasvigne-Fox, the Spa director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V

"The Balancing Concentrate from Sodashi is one of my favourite products for my daily beauty regime. I use it slightly differently than what Sodashi recommends, but with great success. I use it i a slightly different way than Sodashi recommends.

In the morning and in the evening I clean my face with Sodashi Cleanser with Lime. I massage the cleanser on my face and instead of removing it with pure water only I use a small towel soaked in a blend of warm water and Balancing Concentrate. This makes my skin look fresh and soft. I feel awake and ready, due to the Citrus aroma from Lime and Petitgrain in combination with Lavender. Afterwards I use a booster and a moisturiser. My skin is now well prepared for a long working day in the hotel."

Anti-aging for your hands
Consistent care is important to ensure that your hands remain beautiful over time

These delicate workhorses are exposed to extraordinary strain. To keep your lovely hands healthy, young and beautiful, pamper them regularly: Put a teaspoon of Sodashi Jojoba Bead Body Polish on moistened hands and massage the top of your hands and your fingers.

Next, clean the hands with a hot compress by adding four drops of any Sodashi concentrate from your daily regime, to a basin containing very warm water. Immerse a soft cloth, squeeze out excess water and then apply to your hands. Repeat twice. This treatment removes dead cells and prepares the skin to better absorb the moisturising Sodashi Hand Rescue Cream. As a final step, massage both hands until the cream has been completely absorbed. Your skin should now feel soft and smooth. This anti-aging therapy also fights against pigment marks.







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