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YTSARA cares about others

YTSARA’s philosophy is to care about others. The company has followed this philosophy since its early days.


YTSARA cares about the heritage and the preservation of botanical resources.  As YTSARA products are 100% natural, the integrity of each of the ingredient is essential.


All plants are sourced locally in Asia and YTSARA is careful to harvest only those plants that are renewable, to maintain the local eco-system.


Plants are organically farmed rather than picked wild, and this also sustains small communities with a source of income. YTSARA pays its farmers the correct and fair price for the raw materials.


YTSARA supports the Asian Indigenous People Pact encouraging communities to use environmentally friendly and age-old methods of production, conserving their precious expertise for the future.


Wherever possible YTSARA minimizes the use of limited resources, e.g. using recycled and recyclable packaging.


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