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What is my skin type?



Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to choose proper skin care and treatments, that are suitable for your particular skin needs. We've made it easy for you to check your skin type right now.



Skin type What it is like?

Treating it right



Normal skin The label speaks for itself. Your skin is almost perfect with a fine and even texture. It isn't dry or greasy but in-between, free of blemishes and no dry, flaky patches.


Dry skin Your facial skin feels tight? It has a dry appearance, is easily cracking and may look dull or pale. Then you have probably this skin type with a lack of moisture.


Sensitive skin You have a feeling of tightness? This is because your skin is dry with flaky patches? You have broken capillaries over cheeks and nose? Your skin is sensitive to heat, cold and pressure. It also may appear flushed. You have most likely sensitive skin.


Mature skin If your skin is loose, crepey and wrinkled, then you tend to have this skin type. Premature aging occurs normally around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead as well as at the neck. Mature skin possesses properties of dry skin.


Combination skin If you have a combination skin, then you will notice that some areas of your face are oily - often the forehead, nose and chin, called the T Zone - while others, such as your cheeks, are normal to dry. But please keep in mind, there are many forms of combination skin.


Oily skin Your skin is shiney? And greasy, too? You also possess enlarged pores. You are prone to pimples and blackheads. Then your skin type can be easily determined as being oily.


Acne Does your skin feel very greasy? Do you always have blackheads or even pustules with pus? Do you have red, tender bumps, scars or skin pits? Then you seem to have an acne condition, which has the same characteristics of oily skin.




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