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Normal, dry and mature skin

The Rejuvenate range has been formulated to prevent and repair environmental damage whilst providing hydration for a better moisture balance.
Lavender and rosewood plant essences promote healthy cell renewal whilst vitamin rich plant oils provide deep nourishment.

Sensibile,irritated skin

The Calm range is specifically designed for all skin types that are sensitive, reactive and irritated.
Calming plant essences such as chamomile, sandalwood, lavender and rose help to reduce sensitivity and redness and keep the skin feeling moist and supple.

Oily, combination skin

The Balance products provide the skin with essential nutrients and hydration whilst minimising excess oil production.
Plant essences such as lime, lemon, ylang ylang and pettitgrain help to balance the skin and prevent break-outs, whilst the healing properties of palmarosa encourages a clear, fresh complexion.

Men's skin /

The products in this range are formulated to reduce and prevent irritation caused by shaving and encourage a clear, balanced complexion.
Plant essences such as cedarwood, lime and cypress help to keep the pores clear whilst lemon and rosemary soften and smooth the skin.


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